Import Flowers from Ecuador

Do you want to know the best smelling secret in the floral industry?

It's roses grown in Ecuador! Florists from Paris to LA agree that roses grown in the mountains of Ecuador are the best in the world.

Nothing else comes close to the quality of roses grown year round at optimal height and temperature on the equator.

Now you have the opportunity to buy the roses that top florists around the world use, at wholesale prices AND have them delivered directly to your door!

  • Delivered via FedEx
  • Special event roses and flowers
  • Boxes of 50 or 100 stemmed roses
  • Wholesale roses in bulk
  • Makes a great gift! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day!
  • Beautiful party decoration
  • Anniversary roses delivered
  • Import Flowers from Ecuador
  • Exceptional quality
  • Direct from the Ecuadorian farm
  • Hand picked with you in mind!
Online Payments

100 Yellow / Pink Mix

Yellow / Pink Mix

Beautiful mix of long stem yellow and pink roses - $190.00


50 Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

Beautiful, long stem yellow roses - $95.00